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Meet the Team

Adrian Roy Garner BSc(hons). MRPharmS. GPhC.

I am a Yorkshire man through and through, married with two grown up children and a dog.

I studied pharmacy in what was Leicester Polytechnic and is now known as De-Montfort University, graduating in 1990. I did my pre-reg with Lloyds and worked for a while with an independent pharmacist and the Leeds Industrial Co-operative Society before buying my first pharmacy in 1995.

Since then I have always had my own pharmacies and have been through periods where it has been difficult to find a locum, so I used various agencies to help me. There were times when the same pharmacist did the same day each week for months on end and I paid the agency a fee for every single day.

When I sold most of my pharmacies in 2016 I thought there must be a better way, so I got together with a young and enthusiastic pharmacist (Matthew) and we set up Locum Connect.

The big idea for Locum connect is to allow the two parties to talk to each other freely, without an agent in the middle. To set terms and conditions of work and not be charged for each day of working and to do all this on a platform that is clear and easy to use. I do hope that you enjoy using Locum Connect and if you have any suggestions for improvement please email me at

Matthew Tennyson MPharmS, PGDip(clin).

I qualified as a pharmacist in August 2013 after graduating with a Master of Pharmacy from Liverpool John MooresUniversity in 2012. I am currently employed as a community pharmacist manager in Scunthorpe. Professional development is important to me and I recently completed my Clinical Community Pharmacy diploma at the University of Bradford in January 2018.

In the future I hope to complete an independent prescriber qualification as well as applying for the Faculty of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. I have been a tutor to two wonderful pre-registration pharmacists and hope to continue giving back to the profession. In my spare time I like to read, cook and decorate. Me and my wife Katy have just finished the nursery ready for the arrival of our first child. Soon sleep will be a past time!

As with Adrian, if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to email me at

VTSDesign Web Services Ltd and VTSHosting Ltd

With over eleven years providing design and hosting solutions to a wide variety of clients across the UK and Europe, VTSDesign Web Services Ltd were ideallly placed to bring our experience to Locum Connect and to help them as they grow.

We worked with Adrian and Matthew to design their site from the ground up, looking at all the different ways that Locums and Pharmacies would want to use the system and made sure that we designed a secure system that was incredibly simple to use the end user on any device

Our sister company VTSHosting Ltd keep the site online and running quickly and efficiently on secure servers.

If you have any questions about the site performance or accessiblity, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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